Curriculum Vita

Click the links below to view the entire vita in .doc format, to see a complete post-graduate-school course inventory, or to read a selection of quotes from student evaluations.  An abbreviated academic-only CV follows.

Curriculum Vita

Course Inventory

Student Evaluations


Teaching Positions

Adjunct Professor, St. Edward’s University, 2009-present

Adjunct Professor, Concordia University Texas, 2011-present

Adjunct Professor, University of Phoenix, 2011-present

Adjunct Professor, Austin Community College, 2012-present

Visiting Assistant Professor, Southwestern University, 2008-2011

Lecturer, Texas State University-San Marcos, 2008-2009

Adjunct Professor, St. Philips College, 2008

Graduate Teaching Assistant in English, Texas State University-San Marcos, 2005-2007

Graduate Instructional Assistant in English, Texas State University-San Marcos, 2004-2005

Courses Taught

Existence & Reality: Advanced Writing (ENG 334), Southwestern University

Mystic Poetry (ENG 304), Southwestern University

Best Writing Since 1990 (ENG 594), Southwestern University

Great Film, Great Literature (ENG 304), Southwestern University

Creative Writing – Poetry (ENG 323), Southwestern University

Creative Writing – Fiction (ENG 324), Southwestern University

Intro to Creative Writing (ENG 004), Southwestern University

College Writing (ENG 114), Southwestern University

Rhetoric & Composition II (ENGW 1302/FSTY 1313), St. Edward’s University

Rhetoric & Composition I (FSTY 1311), St. Edward’s University

English Composition II (ENGL 1302), Austin Community College

Elements of University Composition and Communication II (COM 172), University of Phoenix

Elements of University Composition and Communication I (COM 170), University of Phoenix

Creative Writing (ENG 340), University of Phoenix

Media Influences on American Culture (HUM 186), University of Phoenix

Philosophy: Methods and Applications (PHL 215), University of Phoenix

Survey of Romanticism (ENG 2302), Concordia University Texas (upcoming)

Introduction to Literature (ENG 1317), Concordia University Texas (upcoming)

Fundamentals of Writing (ENG 1300), Concordia University Texas

Academic Research and Writing (ENG 1316), Concordia University Texas

College Writing I (ENG 1310), Texas State University-San Marcos

College Writing II (ENG 1320), Texas State University-San Marcos

Early American Literature (ENG 2327), St. Philips College

Freshman Composition II (ENG 1302), St. Philips College

Educational Background

MFA 2007, Texas State University-San Marcos, Creative Writing

BSS 2004, Ohio University, Written Expression

Relevant Professional Experience

Interviews Editor, Austinist, 2011-present

Copy Editor (Contracted), Zogo Technologies, 2009-present

Music Journalist, Austinist, 2007-2011

Account Executive, Invincible Marketing Solutions, 2008

Transcriptionist, Tufts University, 2007-2008

Technical Writer, Planview Incorporated, 2007-2008


Book: Punchline, Gold Wake Press (forthcoming Spring 2012)

Chapbook: Elegy for the Builder’s Wife.  Blue Hour Press (published Spring 2010)

Poems and Other Creative Works in Journals:

“You Get What You Deserve.” Juked (Fall 2011)

“Holiday.” Permafrost (Fall 2011)

“A Matter of Scale.” Forklift, Ohio (Fall 2011)

“Sophomore.” Contrary (Spring 2011)

“Tyrannosaurus.” Passages North (Spring 2011)

“No Evolution!” The Georgetown Review (Spring 2011)

“Destinations, pt. II.” Parcel (Spring 2011)

“Destinations, pt. XI.” Parcel (Spring 2011)

“Goddess.” The Missouri Review (Fall 2010)

“Destinations, pt. IV.” Copper Nickel (Fall 2010)

“Destinations, pt. XII.” Copper Nickel (Fall 2010)

“The Argument.” The Nepotist (Fall 2010)

“Dear Successful Accidents.” The Nepotist (Fall 2010)

“Paging Forever.” Southern Review (Summer 2010)

“Meditation on the Bear Finding Himself.” Southern Review (Summer 2010)

“Before It’s Too Late I Wanted to Say It’s Okay.” Salamander (Summer 2010)

“Destinations, pt. I.” Salamander (Summer 2010)

“Destinations, pt. IX.” Salamander (Summer 2010)

“Ambition & Neuroscience.” Diagram (Spring 2010)

“The Circuit.” Connecticut Review (Spring 2010)

“Expectation.” Laurel Review (Spring 2010)

“Inciting a Panic.” Pebble Lake Review (Spring 2010)

“Politic.” Boston Review (Winter 2009)

“The Longest Sentence.” Anti- (Winter 2009)

“The Human Experience.” Verse Daily (September 24, 2009)

“Destination, pt. VI.” Best New Poems Online (September 14, 2009)

“Destination, pt. VI.” Verse Daily (September 10, 2009)

“Destination, pt. VI.” Beloit Poetry Journal (Fall 2009)

“St. Valentine in America.” Quarterly West (Fall 2009)

“The Human Experience.” Quarterly West (Fall 2009)

“A Man Who Could Have Been.” Parthenon West (Spring 2009)

“Appetite.” The Toronto Quarterly (Spring 2009)

“Peer Into.” Massachusetts Review (Fall 2008)

“This Quiet Complex.” Gulf Coast (Fall 2008)

“Lesson.” American Poetry Journal (Fall 2008)

“This Is a Clarification, pt. 3.” American Poetry Journal (Fall 2008)

“This is a mountain of silence and vindication.” American Poetry Journal (Fall 2008)

“The Surveyor.” Third Coast (Fall 2008)

“Sheets.” Inkwell (Fall 2008)

“Elegy for the Builder’s Wife.” Verse Daily (August 3, 2008)

“Hourglass.” Cincinnati Review (Spring 2008)

“Citrus.” Kenyon Review Online (Spring 2008)

“Elegy for the Builder’s Wife.” The Iowa Review (Spring 2008)

“To Follow a Great Tradition.” The Literary Review (Winter 2007)

The Smallest Room.” The Florida Review (Fall 2007)

“Preparing for the Fire.” Ninth Letter (Fall 2007)

“The traveler awakes. Her train awakes.” Identity Theory (Fall 2007)

“Don’t Worry, This Is Just the Beginning.” Barrelhouse (Fall 2007)

“Movie: Pop Song for Stephen Hawking.” Barrelhouse (Fall 2007)

“Anything but String Theory.” Redivider (Fall 2007)

“July.” Harpur Palate (Fall 2007)

“Aubade (The Explorer’s Faith).” Flyway (Fall 2007)

“Everyday Crash.” New Orleans Review (Spring/Summer 2007)

“All Those Globes.” New Orleans Review (Spring/Summer 2007)

“Ukraine Love Song.” Denver Quarterly (Spring 2007)

“Too High Up.” The Portland Review (Spring 2007)

“The Intimacy of the Crocodile.” Salamander (Spring 2007)

“Homecoming After Ten Years.” Lilies & Cannonballs (Spring 2007)

“Barbecue.” Lilies & Cannonballs (Spring 2007)

“Nautilus.” Lilies & Cannonballs (Spring 2007)

“6th & Colorado.” Court Green (Spring 2007)

“Delta.” Phoebe (Fall 2006)

“As Real As Is Awake.” Phoebe (Fall 2006)

“Trespass.” Zone 3 (Fall 2006)

“The Movement of Beauty.” Siren (Fall 2006)

“Grieving.” Siren (Fall 2006)

“Right deep for a sleeping body.” Cranky (Fall 2006)

“The State of Healthcare in America.” Diagram (2006)

“Biloxi.” Diagram (2006)

“A Runaway Craning of Her Neck.” Diagram (2006)

“Dancing in a Refrigerator Box.” Dirt Press (2006)

“Compass.” Dirt Press (2006)

“Nimbus.” Caketrain (Fall/Winter 2005)

“But I’m Not a Chair.” Caketrain (Fall/Winter 2005)

“A Kind of Marriage.” Ghoti (Fall 2005)

“Nap After Night Shift.” Ghoti (Fall 2005)

“The Earth Spins, Too, and We Don’t Even Notice.” Pebble Lake Review (Summer 2005)

“The Eighteenth Century.” Pebble Lake Review (Summer 2005)

“The City.” Pebble Lake Review (Spring 2005)

“Valediction.” Astropoetica (Summer 2005)

“In December: The City & The Sea.” Astropoetica (Summer 2005)

“Tonight, My Dead Friends, I Remember You.” Astropoetica (Summer 2005)

“Aubade.” Full Moon (Summer 2005)

“The Sentence.” The American Drivel Review (Spring 2005)

“Condolences (Upon the Death of Your Wife).” The American Drivel Review (Spring 2005)

“Front Page, or The Ties That Bind.” The American Drivel Review (Spring 2005)

“Kicking Only Quickens the Descent.” Scrivener’s Pen (Spring 2005)

“The Arctic Circle.” Scrivener’s Pen (Spring 2005)

“A Poem about Success and Failure.” Scrivener’s Pen (Spring 2005)

“A Collision of Sorts.” Scrivener’s Pen (Spring 2005)

Book Reviews

Review of John Gallaher & G.C. Waldrep’s Your Father on the Train of GhostsGently Read Literature (Fall 2011)

Review of C.E. Perry’s Night WorkGently Read Literature (Fall 2009)

Review of Charles Wright’s Scar TissueFront Porch (Fall 2006)


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