I can help you with your paper now—I offer both editing/feedback services for papers already drafted, and consultation help if you’re having a hard time getting your assignment off the ground.  


Papers of under 3000 words can be edited in under 48 hours. First, pay below in accordance with your paper length, then email your paper as a .doc/.docx/.txt attachment to nmcourtright@gmail.com.  I’ll return your paper to you all cleaned up and with helpful comments within 48 hours.  If you believe it will help, also include a copy/photo of the assignment sheet your teacher/professor gave you.

Pay here for under 1200 words ($50)

Pay here for 1200-2000 words ($100)

Pay here for 2000-3000 words ($150)


I can also do face-to-face or phone discussions about your assignment.  I can use gchat video, skype, facetime, or phone, and can help you brainstorm big ideas, give you guidance and advice, and steer your paper or project in the best direction possible.  First, pay below, then email nmcourtright@gmail.com with details about your problem and your availability for a talk (don’t forget to include your time zone!).

Pay here for a 30-minute consultation ($75)

All options are guaranteed or your money back!